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Makes It Ideal For Fashion

Turquoise is renowned for its blue and green colors and for being on the top rank among all of the opaque stones. It is also the birthstone for the month of December. Today, however, turquoise is available in different wonderful colors. Arizona and Mexico are currently the major producers of this precious stone.

This very attractive semi-precious stone is actually mined in many countries around the world with the clear blue turquoise from Persia believed to be among those of the highest quality and value. Turquoise produced from India’s mines is colored green while those from China come in different hues. Those mined in the southwestern part of the U.S. also come in varying colors and qualities. In the U.S., this semi-precious stone has been a major part of the Native American culture that spanned thousands of years.

Origin of color

There are reasons behind the turquoise’s original blue and green color. They point to how the stone was formed on rocks that contain minerals like copper and aluminum. The blue turquoise means that it was formed with the presence of copper while the green hue means that it has more aluminum. The yellow-green combination, which is a rare mix, means that zinc was present during its formation.

Meanwhile, the black markings you see on the stone are actually the so-called matrix or the rock in which the turquoise formed in. And note that the matrix is not always black. It can also be of different hues such as brown and yellow as the turquoise usually forms in varying types of rock.

The various colors of turquoise available today in jewelry are already a result of color treatments. Chemicals are normally involved in the process to improve or change the color of the stone.

Use in jewelry

Turquoise is popularly used in jewelry these days. Most of them, however, have already undergone some kind of treatment or enhancement. This treatment is actually what makes the turquoise jewelry more affordable to women who prefer a combination of gold, silver and precious stones. Natural turquoise stones are very expensive because of their high quality and if jewelry designers will exclusively use only the natural ones, many women won’t be able to afford them at all.

Turquoise jewelry may come in individual pieces or sets such as a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. In making a fashion statement, using the set or just your preferred piece can make a woman fashionable and appealing.

Buying and caring tips

Turquoise jewelry can make a great gift to a young lady or woman whatever the occasion may be or even without an occasion. Make sure that you buy your turquoise from reputable stores with staff knowledgeable about the vital aspects of the stone. This stone is commonly imitated that it’s sometimes hard to decipher between the genuine and the imitation so be very careful and don’t be shy to ask.

Overwhelmed With Over the Knee Socks Fashion

One great way to test a fashion taste is the use of socks and their coordination with comfort and health. Socks are not just made for you to cope with the trend. They, too, are crafted to protect you from further feet problems. But the loudest fashion innovation is for women to opt for novelty and colorful over the knee socks. Why women have chosen rainbow colored high knee socks is that they usually wear monochromatic hues which are indeed perfect to give the attire a domination of colors.

Rainbow colored over the knee socks are perfect for sports and casual events. Not only that these make an energetic impression but also they tend to adhere to fashion principles of contrast. Styling socks are especially designed for short dresses and skirts. If you are on corporate lady who used to suffer the discomfort of stockings or panty hose, these colorful socks can be the best substitute for them. Fill up your closet with this stylish accessory that will break your ensemble with dynamism.

Fashion gurus have always advised buffs to spice up their skirts with these multi-colored socks. Whether they are plain, sheer or fashionably printed, high-knee socks are stylish and classy for the modern woman. Fashion principles would tell you, though, that your socks must match your attire. The colors of your socks should take in any color presention your ensemble.

When wearing high-knee socks, make sure that they have quality garter on top for you not to worry about getting them fall off your knee when you engage into activities that require much movement. Good over the knee socks are those that retain their post even when you are dancing or walking or even running.

Think about pants. When planning to use these stylish knee high socks, look for the sheer ones. Socks should match the color of your top. Your top in coherence with your socks will tie the entire ensemble and let your socks dominate the look. Stand out in a very positive manner as you choose colors like red and white to go with your jeans.

A Fashion Meltdown

fashion is vast, varied and most importantly – accessible. Our high streets are overflowing with department stores, fashion chains and independent designer boutiques. In more recent years, the internet has offered us choices and opportunities like nothing we have ever known before and the ability to buy new or used clothing from anywhere in the world.

Gone are the days of carefully selecting your favourite dressmaking pattern, gathering the right materials and spending hours creating the most up to date look by hand. Does anyone even sew any more? The most we have to do is pull out the laptop, browse our favourite sites and wait for the perfect outfit to land on our doorstep. Heaven forbid it takes longer than 2 days to arrive. But is it really that easy?

Firstly here’s the eternal array of different fashions on offer… What flock we follow? What icon we worship? There’s goth, hippy, vintage, emo, casual, glam, indie, rock chick, sporty, trendy, retro, skate, surf, burlesque… need I go on? Whatever we choose we can be sure there are plenty of retailers both on-line and on the high street, all fighting for our business and offering everything we could possibly want or need.

But of course the choices don’t end there. You couldn’t possibly just buy ‘a dress’. Is it mini or maxi? Shift or smock? Boob tube, halter-neck, strappy or wrap? Floral, striped, block colour, monochrome, neon or checked? Then there’s fabric – cotton, silk, nylon, linen, denim, chiffon, satin, lycra, viscose? And maybe a little extra detail – beads, sequins, lace, diamant√©, buttons, bustles and zips. And not to forget length and shape- mini, midi, knee length, maxi, a-line, pencil, swing, full or straight? It’s enough to give the most laid back amongst us a headache.

But it’s not just clothing we need to consider – footwear, jewellery, hair, make-up, nails, skincare, handbags, watches, scarves, hats, glasses and perfume – each one a single piece of the jigsaw that makes every woman so unique.

Each element of our image is so carefully considered and so dramatically influenced. The music we listen to, the books and magazines we read, the television programmes and films we watch and the circle of friends we keep. As well as a million other financial, seasonal and climate driven reasons.

Our fashion is fast paced, relentless and ever changing but we love it to pieces and it just keeps growing. Recession or no recession, fast fashion is here to stay – the love of shopping is in our genes!

Fashion Rings and Necklaces

Accessorizing an outfit is not only a great means of enhancing the overall appeal of a dress but also to increase the beauty and glamour of a woman. Fashion rings and Necklaces are among the few accessories that can liven up a daily wear outfit. After all, one would not want to use gold, platinum or diamond jewellery for daily use. Not only is it unnecessary but buying new and expensive jewellery for every other occasion is impractical.

Fashion necklaces are in particular a terrific choice for festive occasions. These come in a variety of make and styles. Dichroic glass necklaces are a splendid choice for any momentous occasion, when it is paired with some expensive jewellery, since it adds a touch of shine and colour to the getup. These glass crystals are quite similar in design and look to the age-old Murano glass necklaces which themselves are an excellent alternative. Both these glass necklaces use glass, plastic, imitation stones and other items to accentuate the beauty of the wearer. The best part about these necklaces is that they are inexpensive hence perfect for daily wear as well.

14k gold necklaces are a new fad taking over the fashion world owing to their cheaper prices and the everlasting beauty of gold. Unlike diamond or 22k gold necklaces, 14k obviously cost less and is easy to take care of. These necklaces are chosen by most working-women owing to their affordability and their ruggedness. Pop artists and actors made 14k gold fashion rings and necklaces popular in the late 20th century and this trend has carried over to the recent years as well.

Fashion rings are a fantastic gift to present to women on any occasion other than engagements and nuptial ceremonies. Bestowing a fashion ring, upon a loved one, a close friend, your mother, sister is a marvelous idea. This simple piece of fashion wear is cheap and yet extravagant in expressions. Gifting fashion rings and necklaces in certain occasions can speak for your feelings better than just cards and flowers.

It is true that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that does not mean that all women always were diamonds. In fact, diamonds are more than that; they are a symbol of eternity and durability. As such these precious stones are best for the most momentous of occasions namely marriages and engagement rings. This does not mean that women cannot wear them in occasions other than these. Diamond imitation jewellery are cheap and yet have the sparkle and glamour of diamonds. Yes on closer observation, it is quite easy to spot the fake, but for an occasion, when coupled with gold and pearls, it can add to the overall glamour.

Regardless of what kind of fashion rings and necklaces one chooses, it is also vital to preserve them for as long as possible. Unlike actual jewellery, this fashion jewellery can easily degrade in a matter of months. Remember to take greater care of them since otherwise you will have to find new jewellery every few months.