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Fashion Icon Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez, one of the premier fashion industry leaders in Boston, tells all his source of inspiration in an interview with Athena. Hernandez says that the secret of achieving his success in the fashion world is persistence. Everyone aspires to achieve his goal. Hernandez says that one should be firm in his desire to excel and should not rest on his laurel. DH, as he is known by this acronym, is a recipient of Alfred Fiandaca Award of Excellence which he considers his most meaningful award since Fiandaca is a very influential designer who has designed clothes for first ladies of the land, a feat unequalled by any designer in history.

DH is so proud of this recognition by a fashion designer in the early part of his career by way of collection he collaborated with his grandmother, and he was sure that before getting his college education he already knew by heart that he was headed for the right direction that will make him known and highly respected leader in the industry. His grandmother has been influential in his design and considers her as his source of power to make things possible because of her unconditional love.

Aside from his beloved grandmother, fashion figures Thierry Mugler and Issey Miyake have been his greatest inspiration to create designs that are fabulous and classic. His latest collections are a combination of practicality and opulence, so uniquely designed for the professional woman who turns her office suit into comfortable attire yet chic and flexible for travel and after office hours.

These collections truly show the variation of woven fabrics like herringbone, tweed and imported gingham. So how will Hernandez describe a DH woman? According to the Bostonian designer whose DH Studios Inc. received the prestigious 2003 SBA Young Entrepreneur Award of New England, that a DH woman is an epitome of an older, powerful woman who strives to be recognized in society and shows that the world we live in is not only ruled by man but by a woman too, who knows what her purpose and role in the community.

Woman As A Flower

Between Dream and Reality
New ideas emerge that challenge the monopoly of a greedy clothing industry – which, according to reformers, had never understood the female body and viewed it only as an erotic and decorative object – and contribute to fashion and lifestyle reforms.

1900 – 1914

Woman as a Flower
At the beginning of this century, Woman stood conscious of her dignity wrapped in the opulent armor of her robe, her figure pressed into a grotesque S-bend: breasts pushed outward into a sweeping curve, while an exaggerated, projecting bottom curved in the opposite direction as a counterweight beneath the tightly corseted waist and flat abdomen. This look included hip-hugging skirts which fanned out toward the ground, very long and narrow sleeves, extremely high stand-up collars, trains, well-coifed hair and rolls of pinned-up, wavy hair beneath overly decorated, dramatically draped hats made of chiffon, chine fabrics, silk alpaca, velvet, and lace.

The greatest innovations in the ball gowns of 1848 were long-stemmed, stylized flowers, colourfully embroidered borders and decorations that had an upward movement. An unprecedented passion for decoration characterised this time: corded embroidery, applique, lace inserts, glass beads, sequins, frills, and pleats covered women like a glossy, flickering web.

Another newly formulated inspiration shared by art and fashion surely lay in the erotic images and new ideas of feminine beauty: thick, flowing hair was replete with symbolic meaning for the Secessionists, and fashion too, laid great stock in full-bodied, curly hair tied into a loose knot and pinned at the back of the head. The Viennese artist Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918) painted portraits of women that symbolically united art and life through a feminine yearning to stand above everyday concerns in a Madonna-like attitude wrapped in untouchable beauty. Klimt’s images seamlessly merged ladylike dignity and sexual availability.

Around 1900, the entire female body was treated like a decorative or bejeweled objects-erotically stylised, deformed, and estranged from its biological function by a profit-seeking clothing industry. Fashion and femininity were inextricably linked. Already in the 1890s, designers had tried to establish the aesthetic principles of asymmetrical composition in ladies’ fashion. Fashion not only expressed the asymmetries between social classes; it also mediated the inequalities between men and women.

The Essentials in a Woman’s

A woman’s wardrobe is usually her best friend. According to the law of fashion, there are some basic essentials that every true stylish woman needs to have. Whether you are on a tight budget or have some extra money to spare, the following list make up the key ingredients of a workable wardrobe and woman’s fashion essentials. It will ensure that you never have the proverbial panic attack of; I have nothing to wear; and always walk out of the door looking good.

A black evening dress

A black evening dress is an absolute must in every female wardrobe. It is elegant, and suits any formal occasion. Select a black dress that not only suits your body shape but with a hemline and neckline that flatters your figure. Almost all designer labels will have a black dress in their collection. Complemented with stiletto designer shoes, this little dress will do more for you than any other dress.

Hip hugging jeans

No woman has ever gone wrong with a pair of hip hugging jeans that show off the curves to the maximum. A little lycra in the cloth will ensure that the pants fit just right even when out of the dryer. And the best part is, no matter what the jeans are worn with – a simple t-shirt, a pair of sexy lingerie or a silk shirt – they will still flatter your body.

Basic Crisp White Shirt

Everyone needs a white shirt, whether it is buttoned up or layered over a lacy camisole. Once you find that the basic white shirt is no longer as attractive as it once was, use it to wear over your swimsuit or bikini by making it a sexy accessory.

Smart three piece suit

A smart three-piece suit is a necessity in woman’s fashion, especially for the woman climbing the corporate ladder, nailing the promotion or the job interview. Select one that has a jacket, skirt and pants to get the maximum out of your investment. To enhance your figure, ensure that it is classically cut with a good drape and fall and supplement the outfit with designer shoes, stilettos or platforms.

Classic Wool Coat

There is nothing like a classic wool coat to keep you warm on those chilly winter days. Ensure that the coat has some amount of cashmere for luxury combined with a hard finish for a longer wear. Also, a more generic designer wear coat will take you through the changing fashion seasons, the style of which can be enhanced through trendy muffles, hats and accessories.

Statement Blazer

A statement blazer is stylish and adds personality to your wardrobe. It should be versatile enough to look good over a pair of jeans or even on a day out to the office.

Statement Handbag

A simple and elegant handbag will spruce up the most basic of outfits and give it life and color. Combining form and function, you can have both style and personality in a good handbag whether it is a leather tote bag or a designer label handbag.

A large Wrap Scarf

This can be used as a wrap and wound around your neck to complement your coat or jacket as well as to keep the chill away on an early spring evening.

Tan Shoes

Tan designer shoes can be very versatile and worn with any colored bottom, from tan to black. The color tan adds sophistication and elegance like no other color and when worn with a skirt can make your legs look longer and leaner. With plenty of designer shoe stores, one is spoilt for choice today.

Designer sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are stylish and a must have in woman’s fashion requirements. There are many designer labels to choose from like Prada, Escada, Ray Ban, Givency, Gucci among others that offer quality and chic styles.

The Newest Trends in Hair and Fashion

For most of the girls, one of their best assets is their hair. That is also the reason why a lot of them always spend a fortune just to be able to maintain a crowning glory that shines with grace and glamour. Hair is one of the things that make a woman fashionable and it is also the reason why hairstyles are always included in the newest trends virtually every girl knows.

If you are one of the women who always want to look good and feel great, here are the newest hair trends that will surely make you stand out as amongst the most fashionable ladies around.

* Hair color. One of the best ways to go with what’s new is to change the color of your hair. It is also the easiest way to change your image or perhaps if you just want to have that so-called “new look”. There are a lot of new colors that are available today. All you need to do is to find a hue that will suit your skin color and, of course, your personality. Hair salons are offering different colors and amongst the most popular ones are browns, blacks, reds. These types of hues are neutral and can typically be matched with any dress or outfit that men and women typically wear.

There are times that no matter how many accessories you wear, you still look at the mirror and think that your entire outfit is out of style. This is perhaps because of your plain hair, or you just want to update your look. In that case, changing hair color can be a great alternative. If you are a bit hesitant to try a permanent hair color, then you can just give some wigs a try. There are various wigs with different color and style that can definitely suit your personality and the look you want to come up with.

* Hair curls. Are you tired of your plain straight hair? Do you want to look groomed and always in style? If yes, then you should try to give your hair some curls. By doing that, you can able to have that just-got-hone-from-salon look. There are times that straight hair can make you look old and dull. In that case, changing your hair into something wavy will surely make you look a bit younger for your age. It is one of the most popular trends nowadays, most commonly seen with Hollywood actresses who do not have enough time to style their hair due to their busy schedules. This is amongst the reasons why most women prefer perming their locks should they be interested in an instant curly hair that needs no styling. By doing so, you can upgrade your look without all the hassle preparations you have gotten used to.