Fashion Icon Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez, one of the premier fashion industry leaders in Boston, tells all his source of inspiration in an interview with Athena. Hernandez says that the secret of achieving his success in the fashion world is persistence. Everyone aspires to achieve his goal. Hernandez says that one should be firm in his desire to excel and should not rest on his laurel. DH, as he is known by this acronym, is a recipient of Alfred Fiandaca Award of Excellence which he considers his most meaningful award since Fiandaca is a very influential designer who has designed clothes for first ladies of the land, a feat unequalled by any designer in history.

DH is so proud of this recognition by a fashion designer in the early part of his career by way of collection he collaborated with his grandmother, and he was sure that before getting his college education he already knew by heart that he was headed for the right direction that will make him known and highly respected leader in the industry. His grandmother has been influential in his design and considers her as his source of power to make things possible because of her unconditional love.

Aside from his beloved grandmother, fashion figures Thierry Mugler and Issey Miyake have been his greatest inspiration to create designs that are fabulous and classic. His latest collections are a combination of practicality and opulence, so uniquely designed for the professional woman who turns her office suit into comfortable attire yet chic and flexible for travel and after office hours.

These collections truly show the variation of woven fabrics like herringbone, tweed and imported gingham. So how will Hernandez describe a DH woman? According to the Bostonian designer whose DH Studios Inc. received the prestigious 2003 SBA Young Entrepreneur Award of New England, that a DH woman is an epitome of an older, powerful woman who strives to be recognized in society and shows that the world we live in is not only ruled by man but by a woman too, who knows what her purpose and role in the community.